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With the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and under the guidance and directive of His Grace Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, on Saturday 27.03.2021 our Church Clergymen had a spiritual retreat at our Convent The Mother of Mercy Virgin Mary (located in Horsley Park).

During this spiritual retreat our beloved Fathers, Deacons and Nuns had an early morning Divine Liturgy, which was celebrated by His Grace Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel. The Divine Liturgy was in remembrance of all the departed Clergymen (Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops and Deacons) and our beloved congregation. 

After the Divine Liturgy and receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, our beloved Clergymen continued in their communion with our Lord Jesus Christ by receiving blessings of His Eminence Mar Toma Eramiya (over the phone) and enjoying a session of discipleship with His Grace, which included questions and answers and receiving spiritual guidance and words of wisdom.

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for a day filled with praise, thanksgiving and worship to our Lord Jesus Christ. We also thank our beloved Clergymen for their love, humility and sacrifices that they make to serve us.

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